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Now that the Fate Core Kickstarter has begun, the mechanics of the game will use these rules. Since Core assumes a modern, life-like setting, all of the supernatural-ness will be created and added here in this wiki.

The Setting

The game takes place in a supernatural-ified version of our world. This is a modern setting very similar to how things are now. We’re starting in the Madison WI area.

Character Creation

We will follow character creation as outlined in the Core rules. Everyone also gets an additional aspect for their Supernatural Type.

  • Human
    • Sorcerer – You have a Natural Power
    • Wizard – You have a Learned Power
    • Warlock – You have a Granted Power
    • Vampire-kin – You are on the path to becoming a Vampire
  • Changeling – One of your parents is a Fae, and you are slowing becoming one yourself
  • Shifter – You literally have an animal side
  • Vampire – You have a unique dietary requirement, and Jedi-like mind tricks
  • Witch – You have a natural bond with the world

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Main Page

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